About Us

Helping you reach your potential.

Our Goals & Values

Abraham Maslow said, "what a person can be, a person must be." We believe that in our core.

We also believe that people need a little help to get there. So we decided to dedicate our core skills--psychology and computer science--to helping people throughout the world become the people you they have the potential to become.

Our approach is different than most others. We build tools and technology that help people reach their potential. Most of these tools are built with coaches, speakers, trainers, and consultants in mind. These are the people that are at at the front lines of personal development and we ant to help them be more effective, get more clients, and extend their influence. When they succeed, we succeed.

"You don't reach your potential in one weekend or one amazing coaching session. There are no quick fixes. You become GREAT by relentlessly, consistently taking one hard step after another. After all, it is the journey that shapes you, not the destination."
Dr. Ryan Darby — Founder of Habit Technologies
GReat things are are made by great people

Our Senior Team

A few friends who got together to change the world

Ryan Darby, PhD
He's the science behind the tools. A veteran organizational development consultant, he was integral in the creation of the world's most popular strengths coaching certification program. He's published numerous academic papers, is a sometimes professor, and has had jokes bomb in front of thousands of people (yes, at one time...and, well, yes, every time).
James Jacobson
He's the business-mind of the business. He's a serial entrepreneur, extreme sports enthusiast, and has annoyingly managed to keep his hair into his 40s. When he is not shampooing his lovely locks, he is grooming his facial hair in embarrassing ways (looking at you handle-bar mustache phase).
Stephen Darby
He's the wizard behind the curtain, the Spock of our Enterprise, the geek in the machine. He is person that is making our vision into a reality. Before helping found Habit Tech, he was a Senior Developer at VidAngel.com, Start Studio, and Izeni. Although a gifted developer, it is not his tech genius that defines him. No, it his passion for Frolf that defines him. (It's a real thing. Look it up.)
Liz Ellis
She's the guide and guru on our mission to bring out humanity's full potential. In addition to being a Habit Tech advisor, she is an Gallup certified strengths coach with an active practice and is the President and COO of VidAngel.com. If that wasn't enough, she also helped create, and still occasionally hosts, Dry Bar Comedy. Unlike Ryan, her jokes actually work.
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